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Rain Gutter Profiles

Flat Face Profile
flat face rain gutter profile new product

flat face gutter profile small     flat face profile small


The Flat Face Profile – Our Most Popular Profile!

The flat face profile is the newest & most popular profile on the market today. It comes in five inch profiles and is seamless. It’s clean, modern-style looks great on any home. The flat face profile comes in various colors including galvanized and copper. To find out if the flat face profile is right for your home, ask a specialist.

Half Round Loop Profile

Half Round Loop Gutter Profile in Aluminum Half Round Loop Rain Gutter Profile in Copper

stylish rain gutter profiles in copperRain Gutter Profile Diagram
If you are a Southern California homeowner with a Spanish-style home the half round profile is a great addition. With it’s beautiful half round shape, it adds a Spanish touch that really rounds off your home. It’s smooth, clean design comes in six inches and is seamless. It also is available in a variety of colors, galvanized or in copper.

OG Style Profile

OG Style ProfileDiagram of OG Style Rain Gutter Profiles

The “OG” in the OG profile stands for “old gothic”. It is a popular choice in the industry because of it’s classic beauty and inexpensive nature. Most homes use the five inch profile, but if you have a tiled roof a six inch may be better suited for you. Call 818.779.1580 to schedule an appointment for our specialists to help you pick the right size OG profile for your home.

Box Profile

box gutter profileBox profile
The box profile is another option for those looking for a modern look for their home. While the box profile is not seamless, it does come in ten foot sections. The Rain Gutter Specialists are experts at removing and replacing gutters. To find out more about the different types of gutter profiles and what will work best for your home, contact us today.

We Can Help You Pick Your Gutter Profile & Accessories

copper gutter profilesWe have Tons of Rain Gutter Profiles