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Gutter Leader Heads

Leader Heads

Leader/Conductor Heads

Connecting the downspouts (or rain chains) to the gutters are leader heads (also known as conductor heads). Leader heads capture the storm water as they run from your gutters into the downspouts. They are an essential piece to a rain gutter system. Size and shape vary and each home requires a different number and size based of the roof measurements, material, steep/peaks and resulting rain water runoff.

What Makes Our Leader Heads Different

Here at the Rain Gutter Specialists of Los Angeles we carry a large selection of conductor heads to choose from( (pictured above). With our selection, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. We help you select quality gutters and their accessories that both compliment your home and can handle the downpour. We carefully measure and identify your trouble areas then present you with a range of options. You can be assured that no matter what your selecting is, you are getting the highest quality materials, installed by friendly, licensed professionals at a fair price.

Selecting the Right Gutter System

Like gutters, choosing the right size is essential to avoid overshooting and water backing up in the system. Every roof is different and measuring the amount of water your gutters are going to need takes a professional.

Contact a Fair, Friendly Licensed Professional

Don’t be overwhelmed with the choices or be wary of hiring contractors. Just contact one of our friendly gutter contractors to get a professional opinion and free quote for your home.