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Rain Gutters

Copper Rain Gutters in Los Angeles

A rain gutter is a trough-like addition made to the home that is used to channel rainwater away from the home’s structure, foundation, and landscaping to a desired location. Often times it is installed along the roof in a network or system that collects, channels, then directs the water down a leader head and into a downspout (also known as a leader) that either drains at a safe location away from the foundation and landscaping, or to be collected in a rain barrel or copper bowl for later use. A growing new trend in Southern California, where rainfall is greeted for a few short months at best, is to replace high capacity downspouts with decorative rain chains. These interlinking copper chains can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the homeowner’s look. An efficient, affordable rain gutter system provides an essential service to homeowners everywhere.

Aluminum Rain Gutters in Los Angeles

Why should Los Angeles and Ventura County homeowners use rain gutters?
Rain gutters provide an essential service for homes and businesses. Without rain gutters, water would fall, collect, and drain freely from your roof, down your walls, and into your landscaping, even your foundation, causing significant damages. Water may become trapped at points on the roof, seeping past the shingles and into the wood beams supporting your roof. Once water is seen dripping from the ceiling, leaving a discolored water ring, the damage can already cost a homeowner hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs. Rotting wood and drywall would need to be removed and replaced. Paint, when exposed to water, will bubble and peel. The soil nurturing your plants is eroded away, leaving your landscape a muddy mess.


Rain Chains in Los Angeles

While these are significant damages, it is nothing compared to the health risk to the family living in a home saturated with water. Stagnant water caused by improperly functioning gutters or poorly installed gutter systems create a breeding ground for disease carrying insects, like malaria and/or West Nile carrying mosquitoes. Damp, dark places like the condition the inside of the walls would be in danger without a rain gutter, allows fungus, molds (like black mold), bacteria, viruses and other pathogens to thrive while your family unsuspectingly enjoys dinner.


Rain Gutters in all styles, varieties, & sizes in Los Angeles

Rain gutters are needed to protect your family and home from:

  • Unwanted water leaks, seepage, and water collection/stagnation
  • Disease carrying insects, fungus, mold, bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens
  • Water damage to the structure and foundation of the home/business
  • Water damage to the landscaping directly around the home

Now that you better understand the function and purpose of a rain gutter, what type is best for you? There are several questions to keep in mind when shopping for new rain gutters:


Leader Heads for Rain Gutters in all varieties in Los Angeles

What is the average rain fall in your local area?
According to The Weather Channel, Los Angeles sees about 4 inches of rain monthly on average. Visit their website at to find the average rain fall for your location. Those who receive less rain, like Palmdale, may opt for a half round gutter profile and rain chains over the high capacity box gutter. For other profiles, average rainfall determines what size gutter would be best for your situation.

What are the local permits and building requirements?
The Rain Gutter Specialists are especially equipped with this knowledge, having provided rain gutter services, such as removal, installation, repairs, and cleaning, in the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas.

What is your budget?

Rain Barrels for water run-off in Los Angeles & surrounding areas

Installing new, replacing or even just repairing a home’s rain gutters is an investment that will improve your home. Knowing your budget before shopping around for gutters can help keep you from going over your budget. Keep in mind the long term costs of cheaper material and DIY installation, while you might save money now, in the long term it could end up costing more in repairs and replacement later on! Using durable, quality materials such as seamless copper gutters over PVC sectional gutters provides effective protection for years longer, saving your home and your wallet. Professional installation and regular maintenance ensures that the gutter system will continue to divert rainwater long into the future.



Seamless Rain Gutters Vs Sectional Rain Gutter Systems

Rain gutters are traditionally made of sectional pieces that are fitted together at a seam. Recently, seamless rain gutters have been introduced to the market eliminating the leaks and weak points that sectional gutters succumbed to. The Rain Gutter Specialists are expert craftsmen with seamless rain gutter installations. They can also remove and recycle those old, sagging, discolored troughs hanging from your Los Angeles home so you can have peace of mind that you're saving green in more than one way!

When it comes to professional rain gutter installation, no one beats the service, quality of products and price of The Rain Gutter Specialists.