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Rain Barrels in Los Angeles

The team at Rain Gutter Specialists wants you to know that we sell a wide selection of rain barrels in Los Angeles for you to choose from. Not only will a rain barrel collect water on your property, they look great and are made to be extremely durable. Each one of our rain barrels in Los Angeles is made from a molded plastic that does not crack, chip, or fade, even in the hot CA sun.




One of the benefits of choosing a rain barrel from our team is that each barrel comes with a four-foot garden hose with a shut off nozzle. You will also receive a removable crown planter and a screen guard for protection of the collected water from debris.

Our rain barrels measure approximately 23 inches by 33 inches. If you would like to learn more about our rain barrels or to purchase one for your home, call our office now.

Benefits of Rain Barrels in Los Angeles, CA

In addition to looking nice in front of or next to your home, rain barrels in Los Angeles do have a host of benefits. Some of those benefits include:

  • Reducing the amount of runoff and any runoff pollution
  • Ability to water soil and plants
  • Preventing erosion of the earth
  • Acting as a water source in a drought or when there are set watering restrictions
  • Reducing the amount of water you use in your home and thus reducing your water bill
  • Controlling the moisture found around the foundation of your residential or commercial property.

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If you would like to discuss rain barrels sales and services in Los Angeles and the surrounding metro area, call Rain Gutter Specialists. If you are looking for a specific size or color when it comes to the rain barrel, let us know as we do custom create them for your convenience.