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Rain Chains

Need rain chains in Los Angeles?

If you want to add a uniqueness to your Los Angeles home, you can do so with a rain chain. These chains replace your traditional downspout. Modern rain chains that we sell in Los Angeles are made from several materials and can be designed in any style, size, and color. Our most popularly chosen rain chain is a copper option. Our customers love copper because over time, as it ages, it becomes prettier.

While copper is a favorite, we also offer aluminum rain chains for sale in Los Angeles that have been treated to ensure durability. You can choose from a wide selection of colors as well. All installations are done by our trained and licensed contractors.

Protect Your Los Angeles Home and Enjoy the Sound of the Rain

Once you have a rain chain in place, you can watch as the water flows down it to create a beautiful work of water art. It is important to work with our professionals to make sure your rain chain is the appropriate size. The more water you need to drain, the larger the cup you may need and the larger the chain. Need help picking out the right one for your property? Let us make an expert recommendation for you!

rain chains picture of copper rain chain rain chain on back patio photo showing rain chain picture showing rain chains around the front door
rain chain on los angeles home Picture of rain chain on an LA home we have a lot of different style rain chains to choose from finish off your rain chain with a rain bowl picture of a bell shaped rain chain
rain chains in action make great additions to any LA home rain chain with water Photo of rain chain with water running down rain chain in bell shape, made of copper copper rain chains with water

Rain Bowls and Barrels Available in Los Angeles

In addition to our rain chains, you can add a copper rain bowl to the bottom of your new rain chain for a finished look. We carry a large variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from and we even custom create rain chains and barrels for our customers.

rain chains and rainwater collection bowls

If you would like to learn more about our rain chains, rain bowls, or rain barrels for sale in Los Angeles, please call our office today. The team at Rain Gutter Specialists is here to help you and provide you with the services you need in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area. Rain chains are great to have!