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Rain Gutters Installation, Repair, & Cleaning Reviews from the LA Area

Los Angeles Rain Gutter Specialists Reviews & Ratings

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The Rain Gutter Specialists of Los Angeles Reviews

Flip This House:
“The Gutter Company we chose to provide gutter installation and service on our show…”
Rudy Martinez – Flip This House
Dedication to Customer Service
No wonder this people have 5 star.
Dedication to customer service is beyond the sales tactics, it also encompasses honesty and integrity here.
August 19, 2016 by Phil S. – Anaheim, CA
An Amazing Company
An amazing company that gives 100% from coming out to your home and explaining the different options to insulation and clean up. One of the owners whose name is Guy came to my house three years ago and looked at my home and told me I needed to replace my gutters but felt the downspouts were in great shape and didn’t need to be replaced. Move ahead three years when I finally got around to getting a brand-new roof and was going to replace the rain gutters. Guy return to my home and repeated the exact same recommendation as he did three years ago not aware that he had been to my home before. This is a company that doesn’t try to oversell you they want to make sure that you get the quality and the correct gutters and downspouts for your home. Do your homework there are a lot of people that want to take advantage of you but make sure you call the rain gutter specialist and ask for Guy.
August 7, 2016 by Robert E. – Woodland Hills, CA
Beautiful… beautiful…beautiful…
All I can say is look no further….Guy knows how to run a business and he should hold seminars so others can learn from him. The nicest people from Lior the salesman who came out for the estimate, to the installers and Beverly in the office. I cannot express what a pleasure the entire transaction was. Now for the gutters…I didn’t think gutters could look so good. Beautiful… beautiful…beautiful…down to the copper chains I purchased. Which they exchanged for me without a bat of the eye as the initial one I choose was not to my liking. I wish all the contractors that show up to my house were as professional as Guy and his wonderful team. Truly a special experience.
August 1, 2016 by Charlie M. – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
I LOVE my rain gutters!
I’m very picky, and I don’t settle for less. Thankfully, The Rain Gutters Specialists don’t, either. Guy, Beverly and all of the folks here are so professional, and the products they sell are top-quality–substantially heavier and sturdier than other flimsy, cheaper rain gutters! They came up with solutions that I never would have considered, and after two rainstorms, their expertise really shows. I never thought I say this, but I LOVE my rain gutters!
July 31, 2016 by Maria T H. – Topanga, CA
I highly recommend Rain Gutter Specialists.
Great experience with this company. I requested quote on yelp. They got back to me within 2 hours. They promptly scheduled free quote and showed up on time. Quote was given right on the spot. They were %25 less than the other quote. They performed the work a day later showed up on time and we’re extremely professional. Left the area clean. I am very pleased with their customer service and actual work. In addition they nicely connected down spouts to rain barrels. I highly recommend Rain Gutter Specialists.
April 25, 2016 by Lola R. – Los Angeles, CA
Now we just need it to rain again…
Procrastination. Since it rarely rains I never got around to having gutters installed on our house; other projects kept taking priority. After discovering that water had been cascading off the roof and draining under the foundation causing other issues I realized the error of my thinking. Guy showed up on time, gave us the proposal and installed the gutters the following week.
Now we just need it to rain again; but not before the french drain gets installed 🙂
April 18, 2016 by Stephen T. – Los Angeles, CA
THE BEST RAIN GUTTER COMPANY IN SOCAL!!!! I hired Rain Gutter Specialists (RGS) for our house in West L.A. 10 years ago and they did an amazing job. Each year, they came and cleaned out the gutters to make sure they were still in good shape. I recently moved to Thousand Oaks and hired a local company in the area to install the gutters. Big mistake! The local company’s seams were terrible and the end caps were a mess. They looked awful. I asked them to stop work and called Guy from RGS to come out ASAP. Some of the local company’s gutters were on the ground and I was able to see the HUGE difference between the materials the local company was using and the materials RGS uses. You cannot compare – RGS’s gutters and downspouts are solid and substantial. You could bend the other company’s gutters with your fingers. Now, that the work is done, you can see the difference in workmanship. I would not hire anyone else. RGS is the BEST BY FAR — QUALITY MATERIALS, PROFESSIONAL WORKMANSHIP and ORGANIZED, EFFICIENT and FRIENDLY MANAGEMENT. Save yourself time and aggravation — HIRE [THE] RAIN GUTTER SPECIALISTS!!
April 12, 2016 by paul f. – Los Angeles, CA
I have the most beautiful and well done rain gutters…
I have the most beautiful and well done rain gutters thanks to Guy at Rain Gutters Specialists. Several areas on my house were “difficult” and Guy had a gutter custom made to get the rain off of my second-story balcony. It works perfect. The gutters are all in one piece so that there are no leaky seams. Guy is very helpful and tells you when doing something more would just “waste your money.” How refreshing.
February 25, 2016 by Patricia L. – South Pasadena, CA
These Guys are the Greatest
These guys are the greatest. They were super understanding when I had to postpone our appt and even refunded our initial payment. Guy was so informative, he had lots of colors to choose from and helped me figure out which white matched (way too many white paint colors). He advised adding more down spouts to handle the long run on the back of the house and what didn’t need to be done. Honest company with fabulous customer service. Wish all companies had their great work, great attitude, great price…Can’t ask for more!
December 15, 2015 by Rebecca A. – Santa Ana, CA
Utterly Professional & Helpful
Lior was on time, utterly professional and helpful, and clear about what we should do and how much it would cost. I highly recommend!
November 22, 2015 by Kevin D. – Sherman Oaks, CA
Would Highly Recommend Them
Lior and Jonny came out to my house recently and replaced all of my old vinyl gutters. The work they did was beautiful, quick and efficient. Would highly recommend them and use them again in the future!
November 20, 2015 by Mark W. – Burbank, CA
An impressive job well done!
Guy and his team were as professional and knowledgeable as it gets. They clearly know what they’re doing – the craftsmanship of making the gutters on-site and the efficiency of installation were impressive. Guy came to my home and gave me advise based on the reality of my roofline and not on banking a larger number on the invoice. The craftsmen that came on the appointed day were prompt and I’ve never seen such efficiency and artistry in their work. Not a wasted move and they got the entire job done in a few hours. It would have taken me an eternity just to figure out the angle of incline on one side of the house. An impressive job well done! I don’t write many reviews but when I do they’re the real deal. PS: I’m not related to Guy or anyone on the staff 🙂
November 14, 2015 by Raul D. – North Hollywood
Professional, Thorough, Clean, Quick, and Courteous
These guys were a case-study in being professional, thorough, clean, quick, and courteous. Their work was excellent. I even had to have them come back to do a minor adjustment regarding my rain barrels, and it was handled perfectly. I would have no hesitation recommending them. They are excellent at what they do.
November 11, 2015 by Michael L. – Studio City, CA
Very Pleased
Very pleased with the work done by The Rain Gutter Specialists. A very busy time of the year for these guys but Lior was able to squeeze in my job within a couple of weeks of me calling to schedule, which was very appreciated. The crew on site were very pro & fast. They even offered to come back and tweak one of the downspouts once i pick up a rain barrel. Thanks guys!
November 7, 2015 by Devin S. – Glendale, CA
The Go-To Gutter Guys
We were so happy Lior was able to fit us in during the El Nino season! Him and his team did a great job and the are the go-to gutter guys.
November 6, 2015 by Elena D. – Los Angeles, CA
They Love Gutters – Why Mess Around with Anyone Else?
How sexy are gutters and downspouts? They’re not. Even to most contractors, or roofers who install them. You’ll hear the term ‘standard’ thrown around a lot. When you hear “standard”. Think “ugly”.Lio and Guy love what they do. They love gutters. These are guys who talk about the shapes and sizes of downspouts with the same passion that Donald Trump talks about…himself. Just know that the job will get done with the right look, on time and on budget. Why mess around with anyone else?
November 3, 2015 by Jon H. – West Hollywood, CA
Very Professional, Even with the Clean Up
The guys came as planned, removed the old original guttering and replaced it with the seemless custom gutter the rain specialists carry. The job took next to no time and the guys were very professional even with the clean up afterwards.
We had the first rain yesterday and where I had had water pooling at the side of the house there was none. The gutters worked great… we couldn’t be more happy
Thanks guys
November 3, 2015 by Rich W. – Los Angeles, CA
Prompt & Professional
I couldn’t be happier with my gutters. Guy came and gave me the quote on site and was very reasonable. The install date was a bit far, as he is so busy getting ready for El Nino but he called with an opening the next week! Guy’s installer was prompt and professional. I highly recommend this company.
November 3, 2015 by Lori M. – Woodland Hills, CA
Totally Hassle Free
This is really an ideal business. Leo is kind and courteous and responsive. Him and his team care about their work and their client. I find the price to be fair, Leo came by once and was on time, his team came by for install and they were prompt and polite. Went through everything step by step.
My gutters look great, they did an excellent job. Materials seem strong and esthetically pleasing. Called Leo at the end to thank him and he reminded me of his guarantee and to be sure to call him if any issues. Clearly takes pride in his work and business and Made this home upgrade easy and totally hassle free.
September 5, 2015 by Cyrus R. – Sierra Madre, CA
The Rain Gutter Specialists Get My Stamp of Approval
What can I say about The Rain Gutters Specialists that has not already been confirmed by others? We found them not through a recommendation from someone we knew, but just randomly browsing the web. If you think rain gutters are just a gimmick of getting you to spend extra money on nonsense, then I would advise you to google it before calling companies for an estimate. If you have ever lived in or visited places where rainfall is sadly a norm, you should notice rain gutters are probably an overlooked yet integral part of a house/building. Now, you can argue that this is SoCal and we do not get rain much. But if you want to preserve your home or building for the long run starting today, then having rain gutters can be quite beneficial. I’m not going to try to type out the benefits of installing rain gutters because we have the internet for that. I will recommend you doing your research on them though. It’ll help you understand key concepts of having them installed at your place.Everything starts off with that first phone call. I called The Rain Gutters Specialists sometime this past December. I would admit, I should have probably called them around August-September and I will tell you why in a bit. I spoke with Beverly, a very kind and friendly person to converse with. She was patient with all my questions. Is the product American made, how durable are the gutters, it’s not from China right? Trust me, I had more inquiries. After figuring out what I’m exactly looking for, she set up a date and time for someone to come out and look at the property for an estimate. The week of the initial visit, Beverly reached out to me to confirm the date and time.Our estimator was named Guy. To my surprised, he’s the owner. AND IT WAS A SUNDAY. Yes, these guys work on Sundays. Guy was real cool and after speaking briefly about what exactly I wanted done, we toured the perimeter of the property. He pointed out exactly where gutters were needed and areas where it was not necessary (like if you have A frames). He also suggested where the downward spouts could be mounted and the best flow of water would travel; obviously away from your foundation. He had samples of the American made products they use and what type of installation kits/devices they worked with. He also had samples of other types of products made of cheaper materials. All this stuff was thrown in the back of his tiny Prius.Guy pointed out a downward spout area where water may travel back towards the foundation due to elevation differences. FYI, this was in my garden area. Instead of trying to up sale me on some fix that would add on an additional cost, he told me to go Home Depot to find this accordion looking downspout. This device is made of plastic and was under $10. You can really install this yourself but Guy told me tell his guys to take care of it when they were there. Awesome recommendation. Make sure if you need one to pick out a color that blends in with the surrounded area. I saw brown and green ones at the store.Installation day finally came and a van pulls up. I was greeted by Arturo and Manuel, the two man team for the job. Custom fitting is done out the back of the van, it’s quite interesting to see how these guys work. Arturo went over the project and suggested different ways for the downward spouts for better cosmetic purposes. I was home the entire time these guys were working on my place and it did take them 3-4 hours to complete.My only drawback to this entire process was that my installation date was set for early February. Remember, I said I should have called them out in September? Now you know why. It was kind of my fault for not calling them sooner. When the rain season comes drizzling, it’s inevitable that rain gutter companies will see a spike in calls and jobs. I recommend that you call them in advance so that you can get them installed before the rain comes around. We did have a few rainy days since installing the gutters and I have immediately noticed some noticeable differences around my place. The biggest thing I saw was the dryness around the immediate area around my house (most importantly: the foundation). Whereas before, the area would be soaked. This was a great sign that the water was now filtering further away from my house which was the my ultimate goal.A true happy camper here and I appraise everyone at The Rain Gutters Specialists. Thank you Beverly, Guy, Arturo, and Manuel for all your help. I would recommend rain gutters in general but if you’re looking for a legitimate company to get the job done, The Rain Gutters Specialists have my stamp of approval.
August 30,2015 by Smitcha B. – Los Angeles, CA
Thank you to Guy, his crew and let the rain begin!
Well, the scary forecasts of El Nino scared me into getting some rain gutters. The ones I had were pretty much useless, plastic and cheap, put up by an amateur and needed to go. So I do what I usually do which is search Angies List and Yelp. The Rain Gutter Specialists came up with awards and accolades on both searches.
So I called and Guy came out to the house and advised me on what I needed. No hard sell. Very nice and personable man. He was upfront. No wheeling, dealing, slick talk. He said they were so busy due to the predictions of a crazy winter. I asked him why doesn’t he hire more people and grow the business. He said nah, his business is great now, his team of workers are great and he wants to maintain quality and control and do the best work. I felt that was a good sign of integrity and it was sincere.
He gave me a quote and I booked the next week. Got very lucky in timing and his crew showed up on time, very nice guys, put up the gutters and away they went. The gutters put a very nice “fininshed” look to my simple little house. Now for the first time in 15 years, I am looking forward to rain, and not getting doused under a waterfall on my front and back porch when I leave the house!
Thank you to Guy, his crew and let the rain begin!
August 29, 2015 by Carolyn H. – Los Angeles, CA
The Rain Gutters Specialists is a very well run company that truly understands customer service!!!!!
This is an awesome company!! They are super busy with this winter’s El Nino prediction and were very up front about the possibility of a wait, but my gutters were up in no time! Guy came out on a Sunday, called 1/2 an hour before he arrived to let me know he was on his way, and showed up exactly when he said he would. We were off to a great start!! He knew exactly what he was doing, gave me reasonable quote and told me they would call the next day to schedule installation. Guy called the next day and we scheduled installation for the day after!!The installer showed up right on time, spent about 10 minutes walking me through and confirming where the gutters would go and then I was off to work. When I got home that evening the job was complete! If not for the brand new gutters you would have never known he was there. Everything was cleaned up beautifully!! (Sorry I can’t remember the installer’s name – it was so hot that day and he did such a great job!!).August 28, 2015 by Debbie K. – Long Beach, CA
I highly recommend them to anyone.
Recently, I needed to replace the old, rusty, leaky, inadequate gutters that had come with the house I had purchased. After some shopping around and reviewing various websites, The Rain Gutter Specialists had very competitive pricing and earned many positive reviews so we decided to go with them.
They came over to our house to go over the plans, colors, style, number of downspouts and take the necessary measurements. After some back and forth, we finally were able to schedule them for the service. They arrived on time and after a brief discussion about the plans and estimated time frame, they got started. At the end of the day, they were efficient and installed new seamless aluminum rain gutters within 5 hours. The finished product was as good as advertised, they look great and provide great coverage around our roof corners and edges I am confident that in the event of rain (vaguely remember what that is anymore) our home and foundation will be well protected from the damaging effects of water.
September 18, 2014 by Cisco S. – Torrance, CA
I would use this company again without hesitation.
It’s very hard to find companies today that will deliver on what they promise and follow up with you after the work is done. I had The Rain Gutter Specialists install new gutters last December and I noticed a few months ago one of the sections had a slight issue. I contacted the company and Guy personally came out to look the section I had concerns about. He sent his crew back out the following week and I’m very happy with the results.
September 17, 2014 by Peter C. – La Canada Flintridge, CA
Just had our rain gutters replaced by The Rain Gutter Specialists.
They did a good job. I felt they answered my questions truthfully. The bid was reasonable and they were able to do the job a few weeks later. It took them 4 hours to complete the job. They used a heavier weight aluminum gutter that was bolted to the house. The job was more difficult as my roof is basically 3 stories high.
Our rain gutters (10 years old) were falling away from the house. The previous installer used light weight aluminum gutters that were nailed through the gutter into the wood.
July 31, 2014 by Tom B. – Glendale, CA
Very efficient, great products and amazing service!
We had horrible non-functional gutters and were hit hard by the rain storm in March. I was out with a bucket every few hours and knew I wanted to be more prepared this winter.
I called the Rain Gutter Specialists and had them out for a quote. They were not pushy and Guy had a lot of great suggestions. I wanted a less standard gutter and he had that option at a great price. The person answering the phones was amazingly personable, using my name even though she had never met me – they are very organized!
They did the install in one day and from quote to install was just one week (it could have been sooner, but our schedules were full).
June 21, 2014 by Daryl S. – Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA
I would use them again and recommend them to anyone.
I had an overall great experience with Rain Gutter Specialists. The owner came out and gave me an estimate the day after I called, and they installed the gutters just a few days after that. Everyone I worked with at the company was incredibly friendly and helpful. The price was great, and the gutters look great.
June 7, 2014 by Jason K. – Tarzana, CA
Keep it up guys.
Called for a free estimate because some other company told me that all of my gutters need to get replace… spoke with Beverly the office manager – super nice lady! Long story short… Lior came out the next day and notice the the problem right away, he fixed it in 20 minutes and I saved hundreds of dollars. As a person who does a lot of home improvement work in his home I have to say that its very hard to find good workers and good companies.
May 27, 2014 by Tomer- Los Angeles, CA
I’m very happy with the work after Guy’s crew finish it 🙂 Very
knowledgeable people at what they do.
May 5, 2014 by Hua – Van Nuys, CA
A++ service!
I am giving Rain Gutters Specialists 4.5 stars. I was very impressed with Lior when he came a few weeks ago to give us a quote. While their price was about $200 more than other quotes I received, what I liked about their product was that the gutters come direct from the factory with a pre-enamel color that exactly matched the color of our house. We did not have to spend additional money painting the downspouts.
They arrived on time for the install, however there was a miscommunication and the wrong style of gutters were installed. Unfortunately, we did not discover this problem until the men were completely finished with the job. I told the crew about the issue and within minutes Lior called my cellphone and assured me the problem would be fixed the same day. They returned later that afternoon to install the correct gutters. Lior called me after the job was completed to make sure we were completely satisfied.
Their customer service was top notch and I would definitely use this company again. I especially appreciated that Lior was in contact with me throughout the day to confirm that I was satisfied with the final installation.
March 30, 2014 by Lindsey – Redondo Beach, CA
Fixed the gutter…and were gone within an hour. What more could you ask?
My gutter was hanging by a thread on a very windy day. I found The Rain Gutter Specialists on Yelp and called. Guy answered and his guys were at my house within the hour. The workers were very nice, polite and experienced. They fixed the gutter, cleaned it out and were gone within an hour. What more could you ask?
March 26, 2014 by Tricia – Los Angeles, CA
Highly recommend!
Competitive pricing. Great quality work. But most importantly, amazing customer service. Guy and his crew installed our gutters last year, quickly and efficiently. Ran into a minor issue due to the recent rain storm, contacted Guy late Friday evening and by Sunday midday, his crew came by and fixed it, no questions asked.
March 3, 2014 by Raquel – Rancho Cucamonga, CA
If you need gutters or repairs to your existing gutters, call these guys!
I had a minor problem with my existing gutters that needed repair. I called Rain Gutters Specialists and spoke to Beverly, who was very friendly and helpful. Guy came out the next day and fixed my gutter on the spot! He was very professional, friendly, and honest. If you need gutters or repairs to your existing gutters, call these guys! One of the best finds on Yelp!
February 20, 2014 by LJ – Woodland Hills, CA
Thanks for the great work.
Pretty Good! Clean installation, on time, professional. Reasonable price.
February 16, 2014 by Jack – Los Angeles, CA
You can’t go wrong here–highly recommended!
We called “The Rain Gutter Specialists” for a free estimate, on a relatively small job on my mother’s house, in Culver City. The receptionist, Beverly, was extremely helpful and professional, setting up a meeting with Guy for the next day, between other appointments in Mar Vista and Culver City. Guy arrived timely (actually early, after calling to make sure it was okay). He quickly assessed the situation and gave us his thoughts, estimating less work than he could have done, and we wouldn’t have known any better. Not only did he give us a good price, he made arrangements for his crew to squeeze the job in later that afternoon (the same day). The workers arrived timely, communicated with us well, and did a great job. Guy even followed up with a phone call, to make sure that everything had gone smoothly.
February 12, 2014 by Cindi – Culver City, CA
Highly recommend.
I order the company after I see the reviews, I was very pleased with the work I told them I will definitely recommend them but since not very many people asking me on gutter I decide to wright the review and tell you this company truly justified the name THE rain gutter SPECIALIST
February 11, 2014 by Mike – Sherman Oaks, CA
I happily got my rain gutter fixed by The Rain Gutter Specialist
This was of the most painless experiences I’ve ever had with a contractor/home improvement service vendor.
Here’s a quick recap of my experiences:
I called the number and Beverly the office manager answered the phone. I was hoping these people could repair a 5 feet portion of my rain gutter. Beverly suggested I send photos of the broken gutter over to her and she’d show it to the specialist and someone would get back to me.
I got a call back in approximately two hours. Exceeded my expectations here.
I spoke with Guy about my situation and he explained in clear terms what he could and couldn’t do. Then I explored one of the potential solutions with him. He said he could send a service guy over in 30-40 minutes and do a real time evaluation of my situation. The service guy showed up within the 30-40 minutes (score huge satisfaction points here). The service guy, serving as the real time eyes and ears for Guy, reviewed my situation with Guy, handed over the phone to me to talk to Guy directly, and Guy and I finalized the fix it details.
The service guy needed a few things from me and completed the job in about an hour.
I cut the service guy a check, it rained two hours later, and new gutter tested flawlessly.
Done, happy, satisfied.
December 13, 2013 by Bill – Pasadena, CA
Communication with this company is excellent.
[The Rain Gutter Specialists] cleaned and repaired my rain gutters. The guys arrived on time, did the work, left everything neat and clean. Would definitely use again.
October 20, 2013 by Carol Kivel – Tucson, AZ
The Rain Gutter Specialists installed new rain gutters on my home. My installation was planned for about three weeks from the day that I paid my down payment. However, I was given the option that if I could be worked into the schedule at an earlier date, the Rain Gutter Specialists would work me into the schedule. I was pleasantly surprised to have a phone call the next day asking if they could come and install my gutters earlier than planned.
The installers showed up on the planned day right on time. The installers when to work and finished my installation in about three hours. Now that the gutters are installed, I am very pleased with the gutters that I selected and the quality of the installation. I also know that if I ever have a problem with my gutters that the Rain Gutter Specialists will come back and fix the problem. I am definitely glad that I selected the Rain Gutter Specialists for my installation!
I’m going to regret our decision to go with someone else
Extremely personable estimator. Very informative. He was our first estimate of four and we had to take the risk and go with the lower price even though we were certain he would do the best job. The company we ended up going with provided less down spouts and I fear I’m going to regret our decision to go with someone else.
The team at Rain Gutter Specialists was excellent.
The Rain Gutter Specialists replaced the gutters on my home and added a new set to my detached garage. They were very professional and provided some custom options for my house and garage. I would highly recommend them for future jobs and was very satisfied with the service.
Installed gutters and downspouts
Overall I really enjoyed working with this company. Phone calls to their office were friendly and professional. Guy was on time for our appointment to bid the job. He was really nice and offered good suggestions. He did break into a “we’re better then the other guys” sales pitch which didn’t win me over but his attention to detail, good suggestions, his listening to what we wanted and the fact that they were recommended by our roofers who we liked had more than won him the job. Once we agreed to do the work, they arranged an appointment that fit our schedule and on the work day a great crew showed up on time, walked the job then set out to do it. They even did a couple additional things, like replacing a damaged downspout and cleaning out an extra gutter segment with no additional cost. Great job protecting our paint and deck.
Very Professional and Competitive Price
They were very professional and their price was competitive. They worked efficiently and the installation was done in a custom manner. A rare experience using a contractor where what you paid for was done correctly and there were no issues.
Impressive Workmanship
Wow……what a difference new rain gutters can make! From start to finish I was completely impressed with the professionalism, workmanship, and price of this company. Starting with Guy, yes there are still a few people out there that have integrity and want to earn your business. He did that along with our future business as well as the referrals we give out. The true talent of the operation is of course, the workers. Jeff and Alfredo are the epitome of what you think you should get for your money. Extremely hard working and able to handle any situation on the job site. Thanks for the hard, long day’s work guys! It looks great! Seriously……I would recommend not wasting any of your time calling the other outfits. It will just be a disappointment. Look no further and give Guy a call…….Not only will you not regret it, you will actually be very pleased!
Refreshingly Prompt
Very prompt and timely quote, especially given we live in Ventura County. Guy Ziv was very professional in discussing the small problem with our gutters and provided a fair quote, and even matched another quote I had received. Once I scheduled the work to start, the company workers showed up on time and completed the job quickly and very professionally. Overall, I was very satisfied and impressed with the service I received from The Rain Gutter Specialists and would highly recommend them to others. It’s refreshing to see a service contractor show up on time as promised and deliver quality service at a decent price.
Fast, Professional Gutter Installation
From the moment I met Guy Ziv from Rain Gutter Specialists I was completely impressed by his enthusiasm and passion for his trade from the minute I met him. He knows his materials and he is an expert in this field. He had very smart and creative solutions to the particular challenges that our 100-year-old house presented to make our system function best with regards to sizing and pitch and drain locations. We booked him to install copper gutters for our whole house. His crew showed up early and got the gutters installed really fast and professionally. Just in time for the rain. Guy came back to follow up with me and check on the installation results. What a treasure! Definitely go with Guy!
5 Star Service
JUST IN TIME FOR THE BIG RAIN………5 stars all the way. Guy Ziv, the owner, gave us great advice to properly outfit our house from a cost saving approach. Beverly handled the paper work, and John and Arturo did a great job with the installation. It was a great transaction……. win-win all around.
Rock Star Customer Service
Guy is absolutely terrific. His team installed gutters on the front of my house this past winter. What a difference! No more leaking windows and flooded deck. The installation went quickly and smoothly (unlike many other construction and repair projects we’ve had done). The price was great and these guys are obviously pros. When I called to schedule to have the other side of my house guttered, the office manager (Beverly) remembered me immediately. I’m not particularly memorable, so I can only guess that they treat every single customer like they’re rock stars. How awesome is that?
Competitive Pricing & High Level of Service
The Rain Gutter Specialists replaced the obsolete gutters on one of our buildings in Burbank. During the estimate process, Guy answered all my questions, with clarity and precision, a reflection of his authority on the subject. Both Guy and Beverly are easy to work with and more than willing to work around my hectic schedule. Additionally, Guy’s crew is quick, efficient and clean up thoroughly afterwards, leaving no evidence of their visit, other than the new seamless gutters along the perimeter of the roof. While their pricing is competitive The Rain Gutter Specialists offer a level of service that is head and shoulders above the rest. I look forward to working with Guy and Beverly in the near future…
Amazing Service!
Guy was prompt and fair with his estimate. He knew we were experiencing water related issues with the rains this season and worked to fit us in his schedule as fast as he could. Our house is a standard residential ranch style built in 1955 and the design meant several smaller gutter runs needed to be installed with some creative work around valleys that ended above the eaves and edges that really couldn’t accommodate a gutter. I waited until the next rain to write this review because I wanted to see his work in action and I am very pleased with the results. He’s not the cheapest, but he’s fair and basically you get what you pay for if you go with those crappy vinyl or sectional gutters… seamless is the only way to go and I would recommend Guy and his crew to anyone.
These Guys Are Great
They were polite, prompt, efficient and highly professional. A man came to the house to give us an estimate within a couple of hours after we called. They managed to get to the job done earlier than had originally been estimated. They even fixed without charge a small hole in our roof that had occurred when a tree branch fell. I’d highly recommend them.
Awesome Referral
Very pleased with our experience and would definitely recommend them. They did a great job, for less than I had been quoted elsewhere, and were prompt, professional, and the gutters look great.
Fair and Honest
After my initial phone call to Rain Gutter Specialists which was answered by a most warm and friendly person whom I now know as Beverly we set up an appointment time for Guy to give me a free estimate on gutter repair. Guy arrived right on time. I described the problem to him and he asked if he could go up to see the top of the gutter. He did so, reaching into the gutter and pulling out a handful of leaves. He turned to me and said “your problem is solved (the downspout was blocked by leaves) and there will be no charge.” Imagine my amazement. Someone coming to give you a free estimate, evaluating and determining the problem, solving it simply and not trying to make a “big deal” when that was all that was necessary. How refreshing in this day and age to find a company that has this kind of integrity. I am so happy to know I can count on the Rain Gutter Specialists whenever I have a gutter problem and know they will take care of my problem quickly, efficiently, and honestly.
Amazing Service!
It went great! They came out and gave a quote and scheduled us for the gutter install the following weekend. It was a very quick turnaround. The gutters look great and we are very pleased.
Real Professional
We called them and one of their reps came to evaluate the situation. The evaluation was done with rigor and we decided to have all the gutters replaced. It was done in a timely manner and the result is awesome (they have the ability to create gutter in a single strip).
Very Professional
Love the New Gutters
They sent one of their representatives out for an initial consultation. It was clear that the rep knew what he was talking about. He arrived with color samples so I could choose the color of the gutters to be used. He was nice, friendly and professional. I appreciated that he did not try to oversell their work to me. He looked at my house and didn’t try to cover it with rain gutters. He told us we would only need them along the front roof line and in a small stretch of roof in the back yard. The price did seem just a tad high for a small amount of gutters — but I would pay it again because the quality of the work was high. We had initially booked them to do the work on a Monday morning, but they called on Saturday and politely asked if we would mind them doing the work on Sunday so they could jump into another big job on Monday. Since Sunday was in fact more convenient for us, we gladly took their offer. They came out Sunday, arriving early, working quickly, collecting their payment and leaving behind really lovely, clean-looking gutters that match perfectly with the paint on our house. We actually think our house looks better with their gutters on it than it did before. Very nice job overall.
Great Experience!
Great experience! The price seemed very fair based on another estimate we obtained. I called and Guy was great to work with. We met at our house on Sunday. He was very easy to work with and obviously a true craftsman. He provided us with an address near our home where they had installed copper gutters. Once we saw the workmanship we were sold. The entire job was completed in a single day a few days later. The workers were neat, professional and did an outstanding job. If you’re thinking about new gutters and want quality work for a fair price, you have to call Rain Gutter Specialists!
Fair Price
Our gutters were old, and they needed to be replaced. I contacted the Rain Gutter Specialists, I got a call back the following morning and they came out the following day 15 minutes early which is great. The owner actually walked around and explained everything clearly and gave me an estimate. He added on an extra spout without extra cost. I told him that I needed to check with my husband and get a couple more estimates. During the two days that I was waiting for the estimates he didn’t pressure to get an answer. I called him and told him that I wanted to work with him, because he was clear, but I told him that I got an estimate for $100.00 less and he said he would match it. And he did!
Great Attention to Details!
My gutters look perfect. Guy paid extra attention to detail for a small but very visible job. I am a designer and he was very helpful and attentive. Thanks for the great service!
Hard Workers!
A Real Gutter Guy!
I called the rain gutter specialists this morning and a guy (called Guy…) came right over and gave me an estimate. The gutter team was at my house by 5pm ON THAT SAME DAY! Incredible service, competitive pricing and great looking gutters! I am so pleased with The Rain Gutter Specialists I would refer them to anyone.
Professional, Prompt and Courteous Service
I called the rain gutter specialists to get an estimate and within 2 hours one of their managers was at my house and helped me decide on which type of gutters to install. He had an amazing portfolio of jobs they’ve done and that helped a lot. When the gutters (copper) were ready for installation the same manager and his team came and they did an amazing job. When they finished everything they cleaned up and our house looks beautiful. I would highly recommend this company.
Same Day Service
Guy came on Sunday as my gutter was blocked. Some friend of mine recommended him and I understand why. Now I enthusiastically recommend the rain gutter specialists to my friends who are looking to change their gutter system or any other matter.