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Rain Gutter Repair

Old Leaky Worn-Out Gutters

Old Leaky Worn-Out Gutters? We repair gutters or replace with seamless rain gutters

If you still have sectional rain gutters, chances are you experience leaks at the seams from time to time. These galvanized or aluminum troughs generally join together every 10 feet or so, meaning a minimum of durability. If your gutters have become dirty and clogged, water buildup in the channel can easily cause the seams to come apart. Fortunately, we are The Rain Gutter Specialists. We can come to your home or business and repair damages to your aluminum or copper ​rain gutters no matter what the problem is.​

Reasons to Repair Damaged Rain Gutters

Broken and leaky rain gutters might seem like a minor issue, but they can quickly result in a lot of damage to your property.

It’s easy to take your rain gutters for granted, but without them your property would be subject to severe water damage​, like the picture to the left​. A leaky section of rain gutter or a damaged downspout can cause water to pool, overflowing in unplanned areas. Downspouts are placed strategically to drain rainwater in a safe, effective manner. Unforeseen leaks can lead water to pool on your property, ruining your walls, causing mold to grow, and even damaging your foundation.​ Check out our Facebook page for more pictures.​

Leaking Gutters Cause Real Damage

Leaking Gutters Cause Real Damage

When Is It Time to Replace My Old Rain Gutters?

Unfortunately, damage to sectional rain gutters is fairly common. The way they snap together leaves them susceptible to separation over time. Although proper cleaning and maintenance can help extend the life of these types of gutters, in the long run it’s better to ​install with seamless rain gutters. If you are tired of dealing with the wear and tear that usually affects sectional gutters, we can give you a free estimate on some beautiful seamless systems. And if you ever have problems with your seamless rain gutters, we can repair those as well.