Meet the owner

Meet The Owner

  • Guy Ziv - Married and father of two.
  • Owner and manager of The Rain Gutter Specialists holding Metal Product
  • license D24 and B General license since 2007.
  • Specializing in rain gutters and metal fabrication in the Greater Los Angeles Area for over 16 years

Guy's Bio.

My professional journey began while working for a local rain gutter company, during which I learned a few things, For one, a rain gutter is not a pretty product! Most of the customers I met were concerned the gutters would ruin the appearance of their beautiful home, Secondly, most rain gutter companies couldn't afford an office, a secretary, qualified workers or find time to be creative.

When the time came to establish my own company, I decided to change all that. I created a company which meets everyone's needs, offering a variety of designs to suit every style of architecture, using creative ways to make the gutters a beautiful addition to the house rather than detracting from it.

I hired the best people to join my team, from the installers to the office people and to the estimators. I can proudly say that everyone on our team is friendly and an expert in his job. Every day we work hard and remind ourselves that our biggest success is a satisfied customer.

Today, after having served over 10.000 customers, from everyday installations to movie sets and commercial projects, we understand that good business is all about good communication - answering the phones, messages and the e-mails to make sure our customers know we are here for them .

After many years of making people happy and successsfully changing the rules, I am now a very proud gutter "Guy."

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