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Pasadena Aluminum Seamless Rain GuttersWater damage can be one of the most disastrous things that can happen to your home so it is important to take steps to maintain a safe and dry home before devastating storms strike. Proper rain gutter installation and care is crucial to keep your home “high and dry.” It is easy to avoid expensive repairs associated with water damage with regular professional maintenance of your home’s rain gutter system. There are many rain gutter companies out there to choose from, but for the best quality service you can be sure to count on, The Rain Gutter Specialists are there when you need us for all your rain gutter installation, cleaning, and repair needs in Pasadena and the surrounding areas.

Semless aluminum rain gutters in West Hollywood image 22Now, you may be thinking, “What is so important about having rain gutters anyway? I live in sunny, Southern California!” The reason it is so crucial to have rain gutters installed around your lovely home in Pasadena is to keep it just that way - lovely. When it rains outside, the inside of your home is not exactly completely protected even though your roof may be new and the walls intact. Water that hits the outside walls can eventually affect the interior part of the wall by causing moisture to build up and hence producing mold. Weathering happens everywhere no matter how mild the climate and the more water you can prevent from hitting the outside walls of your home the longer it can remain dry and free of any inside moisture damage. A healthier well-kept home equals a healthier well-kept you!

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Rain Gutter Sales and Service in Monrovia, Gutters Installation and Replacement, Aluminum, Copper and Seamless Gutters in Monrovia, Leaders, Rain Chains, Barrels, Headers, and AccessoriesAt The Rain Gutter Specialists we have a full spread of attractive seamless aluminum rain gutters in an array of colors, finishes, styles, and sizes. The perks of having seamless gutters are that they are better functioning because they are less likely to leak as they are only joined at corners and downspout outlets. We also have an ample assortment of easy-install rain chains for elegant roof water drainage. Depending on your preference, you may wish to go with the cup style links as this type is able to carry more water and splashing is reduced. If rain chains are not your style then you might consider using simple rain barrels which can be disguised as giant potted plants around your Pasadena home.

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