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Rain gutters are an absolute necessity even in sunny southern California. However, homebuilders are not required to install rain gutters on newly built homes. Not having proper protection against run off rain water can lead to accumulated water damage as well as destruction to your garden and landscaping.Copper rain ugtters in Brentwood image 5c

Rain Gutter Sales and Service in Inglewood, Gutter Installation and Replacement, Aluminum, Copper, and Seamless Gutters in Inglewood, Leaders, Rain Chains, Barrels, Headers, and AccessoriesRain gutters protect the foundation of a home or building.Rain gutters direct the flow of rain water away from the home. This makes it so that water does not collect around the home. If this does occur, over time the amount of water will increase and creep down to the foundations of the home. This could result in thousands in dollars of repairs for water damage.

copper rain gutters south gate ca image 1aRain gutters protect the exterior sidings of a home.Without rain gutters, runoff rain water will slide down the exterior walls of the house. This can damage the exterior façade the house and cause extensive water damage and rot. A properly installed rain gutter system will keep water away from wood and stucco and funnel it to the ground or storm water system.

Rain gutters prevent water from seeping into the house from doorways, windows, and the roof. By running down the exterior of a building, there is a chance that water can seep into the interior from cracks and spaces in doors, windows, and from the roof. Having a rain gutter will prevent this from occurring.

Rain gutters prevent destruction of the garden and landscaping around a home.Water that splashes down from the roof can cause destruction to the surrounding plants and vegetation. Additionally, high levels of rain can erode the dirt in your yard and cause it splatter on the exterior walls of your home. Rain gutters can prevent this from happening by directing water flow away from the yard and into storm drains.

Rain gutters made of copper are the most durable and long lasting. Copper rain gutters look fantastic and are not prone to rusting. They can often last for upwards of eighty years and require very little maintenance in the meantime. They add value to your home while performing a necessary function.

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