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Malibu is a city situated right on the coast of California. It is famed for being a luxury beach town. However, because of its vicinity to the ocean Malibu does get its fair share of rain and storms. From late October until the end of March, residents can expect winter storms and rainfall. Therefore, it is extremely important that home owners adequately protect their houses from the damages of excess rain water.Copper rain gutters in Malibu image 4b

Copper Rain Gutters in ResedaWithout proper rain gutters, standing rain water can potentially seep into the foundations and exterior sidings of your home and cause thousands of dollars in damages. This can occur when there is no system to direct the water flow away from the home. When this occurs a pool of water starts to form and gets larger and larger as time goes on. This is why it is so necessary that all home have proper rain gutters installed before the rainy season begins and even after

Copper rain gutters in Venice image 7Moreover, to ensure that your rain gutters last long and look good while doing so, invest in rain gutters made of copper. Copper rain gutters look fantastic and are extremely durable. Copper does not rust with water and will provide long lasting and durable rain gutters for years to come. Copper rain gutters often last for eighty years or more and add to your home’s value and curb appeal. Over time, copper oxidizes and forms a coating known as a patina. The patina can be green or brown in color, and actually helps prevent further corrosion. This patina can be seen on many stately homes and buildings. However, copper rain gutters can still retain their reddish appearance through regular application of a sealant..

Copper rain gutters are a great choice for any home owner looking to add to the value of their home while protecting it from water damage. They are proven to be long lasting and durable. Call today for more information.

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