Are Your Rain Gutters Winter Ready?

Are Your Rain Gutters Winter Ready?

You might find it hard to believe but we are in for a wet winter. Yes, it's true. And as strange as it may seem, here at the Rain Gutter Specialists, we are happy to say that the rain is finally coming!

With the worst drought in California history on mostly everyone's mind, you may not even remember the last time you prepared your home for wet weather. That's okay, we are here for you and you shouldn't be worried, unless your home is not fitted with sturdy and reliable rain gutters.

Meteorologists are predicting El Nino to bring one of the wettest winters on record. You might want to take a second look at the valuable possessions in your home and consider hiring a specialist to prepare you for the wild weather ahead. As Randy Mac reported from NBC 4 News, installing rain gutters is not an easy task. You can consider a handyman but we know that there's no guarantee with the quality in his work, let alone practice safe installation techniques.

That's why we are certified by the Contractors State License Board, so you can count on us to keep our team and your home safe this winter.

We have provided cleanings, repairs installations and consultations to residents and commercial businesses for more than 12 years. In our recent interview with KPCC's Take Two, we were thrilled to announce that business couldn't be better. Out calls to help our clients have started pouring in ever since July and has put us to work to nearly three times as much as we usually see during the entire year.

It's comforting to hear many new clients called on us for help, because sadly no one else in Los Angeles could even answer their phones or reply to voice messages. That in itself is comforting. Even though we have about 40 calls a day inquiring about rain gutter cleaning, we are only committing ourselves to installing new rain gutters for the homes that desperately need them. You might be surprised, but not many residents have rain gutters.

If you are not prepared for storms like El Nino, then you could possibly expect to see stucco on your windows to strenuous wear and tear on your home's foundation. This doesn't mean that you will lose your home, but what it means folks without rain gutters is that they will have to repaint their trimming and doors, replacing windows, repainting doors and replacing lawns and gardens.

In the long run, you count on our team from The Rain Gutter Specialists to help keep your home in the best shape possible not just for the winter, but all year long. Stay dry my friends. If you haven't yet thought about protecting your home with rain gutters, then don't hesitate to make your appointment with us by calling 818-779-1580.

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