Prepare Your Garden for Spring with Rain Chains

When the spring rain clouds hover over Southern California will you be ready to harvest some free water for your garden? Rain Gutters Los Angeles has the solution to help you cut down your water bill by adding rain chains to your home.

Rain chains are decorative and multifunctional rain gutter accessories that hang from your roof or rain gutter. The concept originated in Japan, used in place of downspouts. The purpose of the rain chain is to guide rainwater where you want it to go, just as a traditional rain gutter would. If your home garden is not resting under rain chains, then rain can be directed into decorative rain barrels to be used all spring long.

Rain chains guide rainwater along the chain until it reaches the ground or container. Rain Gutters Los Angeles experts know the areas of the home that collect the most rainwater and they ensure that they attach rain chains to these target areas.

We know that rain is hard to come by this winter, but when the weather starts changing Los Angeles is bound to have a few of Mother Nature's precious drops of heaven.

No matter what size or style of rain chains you are looking for Rain Gutters Los Angeles has them in stock waiting for you.

Why Use Rain Chains Instead of Downspouts?

Rain chains fulfill the same function as downspouts, but rain chains outperform downspouts all year round. Link chains and cup style chains are able to break the flow of water as it is guided to the ground or barrel below. Downspouts run from the gutter, back to the structure and then directed to where the water needs to be. This installation process is applied, because downspouts are not pleasing to look at. However, rain chains are never hidden from sight as they are remarkably decorative while collecting rainwater.

Rain chains have a certain amount of splashing, but none more than downspouts. Rain chains are an open system, so splashing is bound to occur but rainwater will not be misguided in the collection process.

According to Grey Water Action, harvesting rainwater from your roof system is a substantial source of water collection. For instance, the roof from a 1,000 square foot home can collect around 600 gallons of water per inch of rain. With the average of 12 inches of rain a year in Los Angeles, this small roof can collect 7,200 gallons for the homeowner.

Call the Rain Gutters Los Angeles experts to help them teach you the ways of rainwater harvesting with rain chains. Your garden, water bill and Mother Earth will thank you for it for years to come.

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