Rain Gutter Maintenance in Dry Weather

Why Has It Been So Dry?

Cooler, wetter weather usually comes to Los Angeles via the jet stream. Temperate, wet air from the Pacific is usually carried along by this wind pattern. However, a high pressure system high up in the atmosphere has been interfering with the usual process. Because of this high pressure system, storms from the Pacific have been diverted north into Canada. If these storm systems do happen to travel south out of Canada, they are usually moisture-starved by the time they reach the U.S. The result is the extremely mild, but ultimately harmful, weather we have been experiencing for the past year.

Will It Ever Rain?

It is hard to know for sure whether or not existing weather patterns are likely to change much in the coming months. Typically, the rainy season in California stretches from November through March. That still leaves two months this year that could see significant amounts of rainfall. For the sake of our water supply, let's hope that February and March are wetter than the last three months.

The Importance of Dry Weather Rain Gutter Maintenance

Because we haven't seen a lot of rain in Los Angeles this year, now is the perfect time to take care of some much needed rain gutter maintenance. If you neglected to clean out your gutters last year, you can take advantage of the dry weather and do it now. If you don't have seamless rain gutters, you can also check for signs of wear along the seams of your current system.

Dry weather won't protect your home from water damage. In fact, prolonged droughts can have the opposite effect. Rain gutters and downspouts are strategically designed to divert rainwater away from your home's foundation. However, dry weather can lead to soil erosion around the base of your house. When it does rain, the eroded areas will actually be more susceptible to water damage. To prevent erosion during droughts, you can occasionally water the soil to keep it hydrated (in moderation, of course; there is a drought).

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