The SoCal Drought & Rain Gutters

How a Long Drought Can Ruin Your Rain Gutters

Because we live in such a dry climate, people don't often think of gutters as a major concern that necessarily needs attention. This is far from the case. In fact, due to the extremely dry climates here in SoCal, especially in light of conditions experienced during lengthy droughts, gutters often require even more attention than would be the case in wetter areas.

This Is Where the Crack Starts

Dust and dirt, while not the first things you think of as far as being potential gutter hazards, can cause major damage to your entire system. As dust, sand and other such sediment builds up along the inside of your gutters, this debris can ultimately become moist. Think about it...early morning fog, light drizzle, the dampness often unseen but still present in the air will all effectively combine to turn this dust and dirt mixture into a form of cement. Depending on how much dirt (now "cement") exists in your rain gutters, serious issues may arise. The sheer weight and heaviness of the hardened matter can definitely cause gutters to pull away from the house and siding. Also, as the dirt becomes solid, the transformation of this material can lead to cracks in the gutters themselves. Such cracks, in turn, result in leaks, but without continuous rain you may not know they exist until it's too late. Leaking rain gutters are certainly of serious concern to homeowners and gardeners everywhere. Leading to wood rot, foundation problems, even damage evident in drywall and window casing, faulty and cracked gutters are much more costly than you think. Just ask this homeowner…

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Time to Bring in The Rain Gutter Specialists

This is why a thorough and professional clean out of your gutters is an absolute necessity when it comes to your to-do list. If your gutters are too far gone, consider replacing them. Rain gutters have come a long way from the traditional sectional gutters you may be familiar with. Like seamless aluminum gutters which are custom fitted to your home. Or invest in copper and add value and beauty. The Rain Gutter Specialists are available and ready to help you. For any gutter repairs or installs you may require, feel free to call us at 818-779-1580.

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