Top 3 Gutter Gifts for Los Angeles

Top 3 Gutter Gifts for Los Angeles

As we approach the gift giving season, The Rain Gutter Specialists are here to share the top 3 gutter gifts of 2015. Our team came together and selected the very best elements, carefully considering everything from the shine of your Christmas lights to quality and function. Our customers couldn't be happier with the new stylish, quality additions to their Greater Los Angeles homes.

Rain, Rain Go Away

While it has been a nice change from the drought, homeowners all across Southern California are finding the rain is troublesome on their old gutter system. Years of lack of use have caused the gutters and downspouts to fill up with heavy sediment, dust and plant material. Add water to clogged gutters and the added weight can cause leaks, sagging and even can cause the gutter system to pull from the building.

In the northern states, rain alerts homeowners to these problems. Here in Los Angeles, however, rain is more scarce. Less rain means more dust and no real warning system for homeowners who don't regularly check a system they don't use. This means downspouts, while a valuable use in states with constant rain, can become source of blockage and backed up water.

The Solution? Rain Chains

When it comes to rain chains we think these are the perfect Christmas gift. Not only do they look cool, but they are also a great visual replacement for bulky downspouts that get clogged. Rain chains are a series of copper links that direct rain down to a designated place (like our rain barrels below). Because they are not an enclosed system like downspouts, they do not hide debris that can ruin your gutter system. The added bonus? They turn the rare rain into a water display as they funnel water down beautiful copper links. We like to think of them as "Santa's Little Helpers."

Copper Gutters Glitter in the Southern Sun

If you need to get new gutters, why not give your home a gift of beauty with copper gutters? Building the best copper gutter takes solid effort, precision and strength. Luckily for jolly old St. Nick he doesn't have to get his hands dirty. With a new, elegant copper gutter system, not only will your home's structure be safe from water damage but the artistic appearance will solidify your home's exterior beauty for years to come.

Rain Barrels: The Gift that Keeps Giving

Rain barrels collect and store rainwater for later use. Made from specially made roto-molded plastic, rain barrels never crack, chip or fade. They are truly the gift that keeps giving, especially for Southern California homeowners. Some models are created with built in planters for added style. Rain barrels will definitely make you remember them when spring and summer come around and you will need that extra water for your garden when rain is scarce.

Tie it all together with a neat bow and get the trifecta with a whole new copper gutter system, rain chains and a couple rain barrels for a whole new twist on Christmas.

From replacing your existing system to investing in a gutter upgrade, our team of specialists are happy to help you decide what's best for your home's rain gutter system. All we want for Christmas is for you to count on us to bring the gift that keeps on giving. Call us at (818) 779-1580.

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