Tree Debris and Rain Gutters

Tree Debris & Rain Gutters

Leaves and other debris from trees clog your gutters–this is an unfortunate fact, and unless you have a professional come out and clear the gutters of any such offending clogs, you could be facing major problems down the road.

Why It Matters

Did you know that inefficient rain gutters can lead to foundation damage...with rain water not properly directed away from the basement, the concrete or CMU's are bombarded by moisture which can ultimately lead to leaks, cracks and even mold growth. Mold is certainly not a word you want to hear in relation to your home. And this is merely one of the costly and unfortunate problems that arise as a result of gutters that become clogged.

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What to Look For

So what types of leaves and debris do you need to wary of... Perhaps one of the biggest issues we have here in Los Angeles as far as gutter clogs go is the buildup from pine needles. Though seemingly small and harmless, the problem with this species of tree and their respective needles is that they tend to pile up rather quickly and ultimately form mounds throughout the gutter system which can wreak havoc on your home. Additionally, you will encounter a similar problem with flowers which fall from certain trees indigenous to the region. As the flowers deteriorate and basically rot, they leave a sticky and very problematic mess behind in your gutter, thus causing blockages that could lead to water backing up and overflowing. Eventually, the gutters become so damaged the only solution is to repair the section or replace the entire system.

Rely on The Rain Gutter Specialists

Often overlooked in the grand scheme of home repair and renovation, gutters can potentially cause some of the biggest home repair nightmares that you will face. That is why it is absolutely essential to maintain them and replace them should the time come. Old sectional rain gutters may not be functioning properly after years of use, even with proper maintenance. Be sure to watch old gutter systems more carefully as they are prone to issues from normal wear and tear. When it comes time to replace those old sectional gutters with new seamless or copper gutters you can always rely on The Rain Gutter Specialists.

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