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About Our Gutter Company

Here at The Rain Gutter Specialists, we love gutters and are dedicated to providing outstanding service to the Los Angeles area residents and business owners. Everything we do stems from this core philosophy. Our representatives do not work off of commission so you are sure to get a fair price for what you need, from repairs to installing a whole new system. Our rain gutter company is truly here to serve you.

We are often called in to fix issues that come up from other companies low quality materials and/or poor installation techniques. Sometimes replacing the gutters is only the first step in correcting a long-standing gutter proble
m. Drywall, roof, garden and foundation problems can arise when poor performing rain gutters are left too long. Therefore, finding a quality contractor that is licensed and insured becomes an important first step in preventive home and building maintenance.


For our aluminum gutters, we use special tempered aluminum that undergoes a four part processing system to ensure durability and longevity. Most other rain gutter companies use only a two part system that leaves your gutters vulnerable to corrosion, cracks and eventual leaks.

We even have the latest in gutter installation technology. State-of-the-art work vans allow us to tailor cut the gutters to fit your home. Right on site! No more sectional gutters that separate and leak! These vans also save time, which saves money. In fact, they often allow us to give a quote and install on the very same day.

We have even addressed the issue of gutters pulling away from the roof with quality hangers. Our innovative hangers are specially designed to hang gutters with double reinforced ribs and slots for water drainage. We are so committed to quality even the screws we use to install your gutters have special corrosion resistant coating!

Fair Price

With our products and services you always are sure to get a fair price for quality materials and extraordinary customer service. Because we use quality materials, we ensure that our work does not have to be repaired or replaced as often, saving you money. In fact, the most common issue we have with our gutters is general maintenance like cleaning clogged gutters. Note: we do not recommend leaf guards as they cause other issues like overshoot. Instead, a once a year inspection before rain is recommended. Affordable services like gutter cleaning can also help preserve your new gutter system from getting clogs. We back both our product materials and our services with warranties. If you are unhappy for any reason, just call your representative and we will make it right!


We are the award winning rain gutter company the professionals trust. If you want to learn more about our services and products please visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter !

For professional gutter replacement services call us today at 818.779.1580!

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