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Granada Hills is a neighborhood located at the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles City. Remnants of what used to be citrus groves such as small groups of orange, lemon or grapefruit trees are still found in residential areas. The average rainfall in this neighborhood is 16 inches per year. There are 286 sunny days in a year and temperature could reach as high as 93 degrees in July and as low as 43 degrees in January.copper rain gutters south gate ca image 1a

Copper rain gutters Calabasas image 23aThe houses in Granada Hills are known for their mid-century designs. Many of these houses have been featured in movies, commercials, magazines, and newspapers for their mid-century architecture and style. Most of the houses in this area have aesthetic designs that feature pitched roofs and beam ceilings.

Copper Rain Gutters in South PasadenaWith sophisticated and classic homes like these, your home should be given extra attention, and regular maintenance must be done. These types of homes are susceptible to wear especially if it has been exposed to the climate’s harsh elements. Rain can damage the foundation of your home, your walls, and windows if water is not properly directed away from them. To prevent this from happening, a good rain gutter system is needed. Rain gutters collect water from the roof and direct it away from the house towards the drainage area.

If you are concerned that the rain gutter you will use will only make your house look unsophisticated, worry not because with The Rain Gutter Specialists, we will match the rain gutters we have with the design of your home. Copper rain gutters will compliment your pitched roofs. They are rust-free and can even last for around 80 years. However, you should still maintain your rain gutters because though they may not rust, leaves, twigs, and other objects may clog it. The Rain Gutter Specialists also offers maintenance aside from installation and can also provide you with rain gutter accessories to enhance the aesthetic value of your home.

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