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Rain Chains Malibu image 6 Flower Shape in CopperPicture Description: Beautiful copper Rain chain (star flower shape) with copper bowl in Marina, Malibu. Picture taken by The Rain Gutter Specialists after installation.

Compliment Your Home & Garden with Copper Rain Chains

Rain Chains Studio City image 8Planning on replacing your current gutter system? Looking to add style and value to your Southern California home? Our rain chains come in a variety of shapes and styles. The copper rain chains pictured here are in the ever popular star flower shape and finished off with a large copper bowl. This Malibu homeowner picked our copper material for it’s durability and color. Why not replace your downspout with something that showcases the rare Malibu rainfall? Rain chains act as a sort of functional water feature and look great with homes that are landscaped. These are more than just downspout alternatives, these rain chains tantalize the senses with beautiful images and sounds. Note how the copper compliments the natural hardwood siding of the home? This homeowner decided on rain chains over downspouts specifically to blend into their garden and act as a natural way to recycle water for birds and other local wildlife. To see one of our rain chains in action, check out our YouTube channel. Hear the relaxing, soothing sounds of water as they pass through the chains and into their bowl. Not sure which one to pick? We have a number of options available to SoCal homeowners. The Rain Gutter Specialists are here to help you pick out the style that best compliments your home. Contact one of the friendly gutter experts today for more information. We even have copper rain gutters if you’d like to match your rain chains and gutters like many other happy homeowners have.

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