Installing Rain Gutters in Los Angeles

Why Install Rain Gutters in Los Angeles?

According to Wikipedia, the purpose of a rain gutter is to protect a building's foundation by channeling water away from its base. The gutter reduces erosion, helps prevent leaks in basements or crawlspaces, protects exterior walls or painted surfaces from uncontrolled running water. Here in Los Angeles, water is a scarce commodity, often coming in short heavy bursts with misting for days in between for just a couple short months each year.

Why, then, would a homeowner consider adding, replacing or upgrading their rain gutters in Los Angeles? While it may be sunny most of the year, debris from trees, flying trash and the months, even years, of dust buildup gets into the gutters with or without rain. Once it does rain, the debris and dust gets wet, becomes heavy and plugs the passageways for the rainwater drainage. This results in cracks, sagginess and, ultimately, leaks. If unattended to, the rain gutter can actually break away from the home, sometimes causing significant damage.

Rain gutter in Los Angeles that needs cleaned. Taken by The Rain Gutter Specialists

An added benefit of having rain gutters in Los Angeles directing water to a desired location to drain, allows homeowners to collect that valuable h2O for use later. A stylish rain barrels can be used to collect rainwater to use later to water plants or grass without turning on the faucet, saving money.

What Are Rain Gutters Made Of?

Rain gutters are made of aluminum and copper. Copper offers the most strength compared to other materials and require little to no maintenance over a lifetime. Aluminum gutters can be made in a plethora of colors to match any home.

Installing Rain Gutters in Los Angeles

The Rain Gutter Specialists will remove and, keeping to its commitment to a better tomorrow, will recycle any existing rain gutter in Los Angeles. Each professional rain gutter contractor uses a seamless gutter machine to form the gutter using the custom measurements of the building. The seamless forms are painted with a baked-on finish that reduces the risk of chipping and damage.

After the connection process is complete, the rain gutter will be placed on the building by the professional crew of The Rain Gutter Specialists.

Copper Rain Gutters in Los Angeles

Seamless Rain Gutters in Los Angeles

Every building needs a gutter system that properly collects water and disperses it to a drainage system. Proper drainage of water is necessary, and what better way than to have a seamless gutter system that delivers continuous water flow.

The benefits of a seamless gutter system include:

  • No seams, no leaks
  • Better water flow for rainwater collection
  • Custom colors to complement property
  • Moisture control
  • Foundation protection
  • Shield windows and doors
  • Prevent splash back

The Rain Gutter Specialists

No one beats the service and quality of products provided by The Rain Gutter Specialists. A seamless rain gutter can deliver proper water collection even in Los Angeles' extreme weather. Call 818.779.1580 for Gutters Done Right!

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