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O.K. So, now you have received a number of rain gutter estimates. You ask yourself - “Do all these companies use the same quality aluminum?” Absolutely not! Aluminum can come in many gauges (thicknesses), quality and coats of paint and varying warranties.

What do we use?

We provide the finest aluminum with paint system by “Intestate Metal Supply”, located in California (not in the Midwest). That is not the same as what our competitors will provide. All of our materials are painted inside and out - on both sides, using a Dura-coat paint system that other rain gutter suppliers cannot duplicate. In addition, all of our gutter materials are a true 027”- meeting the ASTM B-209 specifications. Our down- spout materials are 0.18” and our 3” round are 0.24” You have to touch it to feel the difference!

“Quality is not Cheap and cheap is not quality.”

not all gutters are the same

Our Corners:

Sectional Rain gutters are traditionally made of sectional pieces that are fitted together at a seam. Recently, seamless rain gutters have been introduced to the market, thus eliminating the leaks and weak points that sectional gutters experienced.
The Rain Gutter Specialists are expert craftsmen with seamless rain gutter installations. But we still need to connect to joint, so how do we do it?
Well the most traditional way is the use a standard corner (see pic with red cross) in this way the gutters have an additional piece that go over the gutters and take from the look of it , also these corners create 3 more seams that can leak in the future.

Our way of doing the corners is a unique way that require a very good skills and prevent the extra piece, eliminated the extra seams and make it look better and work better, Just the way we like it! so you can have peace of mind that you're not compromise quality and look in the same time!

If you would like to talk about your options for rain gutters services in Los Angeles, CA, now is the time for you to call us and touch base. Rain Gutter Specialists cares about your residential and commercial properties and ensuring they are protected from rainwater.

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