The Right Rain Gutter Size to Avoid Overflow & Overshoot

Choosing the Right Rain Gutter Size

Avoiding Overflow & Overshoot

One of the most common issues we address when the rain finally falls in LA is gutters overshooting and overflowing. Homeowners often take advantage of the summer to replace roofs and do other home repairs. But did you know that if your roof has changed, your rain gutters may need to be upgraded as well? Before the rains return to Los Angeles, it's time to think about replacing your rain gutters with the right size system for your roof.

Understanding the Basics

There are a number of different style roofs. Understanding your building (whether it be a home or business) can be key to putting in the right system to redirect rain.

Your roof may have:

  • Shingle
  • Slate
  • Shake
  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin
  • Wooden Shingles/Shakes
  • Overhang
  • Steel/Metal Roofing
  • High/Low Pitch
  • Valleys
  • Clay Tile

Gutters Overshooting When it Rains?Each of these are taken into consideration when one of our rain gutter specialists gives you a quote on a new system. Tile or metal roofing may create an overhang that your gutters will need to adjust for. Steep pitched homes with valleys may need additional hardware (like diverters) to direct water to the gutter system. Additional downspouts may be needed to handle the overflow for homes with extra square footage or under performing existing systems.

Gutters overshoot when the current system is too small/improperly setup to handle the volume and/or flow of rainwater from the roof.

The water flows down the roof gaining momentum until it "shoots" right over the existing gutters, missing them completely.

Why Do My Rain Gutters Overflow?

When your rain gutters overflow, this can also be due to the gutter size. A system that is too small/improperly setup to handle the downpour will easily backup, even without a clog.

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Choosing the Right Gutters

Overshooting and overflowing rain gutters result in the some of the same problems. From useless gutters that drench you and your guests to the resulting water damage from a faulty system, choosing the right gutters starts with your contractor. Choosing an expert like The Rain Gutter Specialists can make all the difference in your business or home's investment.

Picking The Right Size

Measuring your roof and choosing the right size for your rain gutters is a complicated matter. A 5 inch gutter is typically recommended for your standard shingle and slate roofs with little to no overhang. Roofs with an overhang, commonly seen with tile or metal roofing, should have a larger 6 inch gutter system. This, however, is a grand over simplification. Your building and area's rainfall behavior should be taken into consideration as well. A specialist should review your particular situation to make the best recommendation.

Even Gutters Need A Break

Including the right number of downspouts or rain chains per section is vital to avoiding backup and overflow. Water is very heavy, even a little extra water can cause the rain gutters to pull away from the building, sag then crack and leak. Don't see your investment wash away with the next big rain fall. Give The Rain Gutter Specialists a call 818.779.1580.

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