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RainChainsFlared Cups copper rain chain 7227 image 13Description: Rain Chains: Flared Copper Cup Shaped

Flared Cup Shaped Rain Chains in Shiny Copper

RainChainsStar-Flower image 10Looking for a rain chain that is a bit more controlled with it’s water flow? These rain chains have a flared edge that catch water and help funnel it back down into the next cup. Pictured here in shiny copper, we may also have aged copper flared cup chains available (while supplies last). All of our rain chains are brand new and our aged copper is aged right in our warehouse. Each piece is unique and beautiful in so many ways. See them in action:

Copper Rain Chain and Bowl Marina Del Rey Image 3What sets our rain chains apart from other rain gutter companies? Like our gutter systems, we use state-of-the-art technology and only the highest quality materials to create our products. We triple-treat our metals to ensure longevity and durability in all types of weather. This is especially important in the Greater Los Angeles area due to the extensive heat, air pollution, high salt content (near the coasts) and infrequent rains. This is why even the screws we use to install your gutter products (like rain chains) are the best available on the market. Why? Because we believe in the value of a quality product installed by professionals who have an outstanding attention to service.

To have your rain chains installed on existing or new systems, contact one of our licensed gutter contractors today!

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