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Copper Rain Gutters in SylmarThese 5” O.G copper rain gutters sparkle in the SoCal summer sun. These Valencia homeowners wanted to add some style to the functionality of their seamless rain gutters with the brilliance and strength of copper.

Copper rain gutters in Altadena image 24aAlthough Santa Clarita is not known for its rainfall, rain gutters are still an important part of home-ownership in Valencia, CA. Indeed, because it does not rain as often as it does in other cities proper installation, cleaning, and regular inspection is even more important to identify problems before they cost you health, time and/or money.

It rains an inch or more October through May with February traditionally having the most rainfall. However, rainwater is not the only thing falling from the sky. Leaves, twigs, erosion of roofing tiles, dust, dirt, and a number of other things find their way into your rain gutters even when there is not a cloud in sight!

These foreign objects can turn your gutters into a compost pile, preventing corrosive water from flowing out and away from your roof and sliding. Water will always pick the path of least resistance, so if the preferred path is blocked the rain will either become trapped and stagnate or find another way. This could mean that water could spill into your walls, ceilings, basements and other unwanted places. It can eat away at the soil around your foundation and even disrupt landscaping. Worse yet, once that pile of leaves, twigs and dirt gets wet, the entire mess becomes heavy and causes stress on the gutters. This can cause them to sag, leak, and can even get so heavy that they fall off.

Improperly drained water causes mold, mildew and can become stagnant breeding grounds for disease carrying insects like mosquitoes. These could become costly repairs that could easily be prevented with a phone call to The Rain Gutter Specialists. Protect your family from these potential threats and take advantage of 20+ years of experience The Rain Gutter Specialists has to offer, including gutter cleaning and inspection.  Like your community, Guy and The Rain Gutter Specialists will have it “built as promised”.

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